How Creating an Engaging Cloud Culture Can Transform Your Company

Gone are the day when a mention of “the cloud” caused eyeballs to turn skyward. Today, the cloud is as essential a part of day-to-day business operations as face to face interactions. As increasing numbers of companies expand their workforce internationally, cloud-based culture has become an increasingly important factor in company-wide success.


Engaging Cloud Technology Culture

Engaging Cloud Technology Culture

Fostering Communication in the Cloud

A huge factor in the success of building a cloud-based culture that fosters innovation and idea haring is simply communication. What is your company doing to encourage employees connected only in the cloud to keep in touch? Here, apps like Chatter (a Salesforce tool) really earn their keep. Chatter works much like Twitter within a company network. Employees can post questions, share problems, ask for ideas and respond to requests from others.

One key to managing cloud-based communications is establishing guidelines. For instance, while positive communications benefit all, employees need to know when to use a company-wide tool like Chatter and when to use other channels.

Another key is finding ways to make daily communication part of every employee’s automatic routine. Ideas can include hosting question and answer sessions or department showcases, using the cloud for team-building exercises over a series of days, wrapping participation in with annual performance reviews, recognizing special achievements or dates and other events.


Company Mission

Company Mission

Ensuring Cloud Culture Mirrors Company Mission & Vision

Another critical factor for creating a positive, engaging cloud culture is ensuring that the company’s mission and vision is reinforced each day. This is especially important for an international employee group who may wake up each day to very different sets of problems and opportunities. By bringing every conversation, every brainstorming session, every problem-solving meeting, back to the company mission and vision, cloud culture also strengthens in-office work groups and vice versa.

Getting in the Trenches with the Troops

One real advantage to building an active and engaging cloud-based culture is that it brings unique opportunities for executive staff to engage with employees “in the trenches.” In a somewhat similar way as an “open door policy” helps in-office employees feel seen, heard and valued, engaging with employees in the cloud reinforces a “we are all in this together” mindset. This mindset encourages employees to present, discuss and solve problems as a team rather than ignoring or even hiding them.

Trench-based cloud culture also supports real-time problem resolution by quickly identifying when perhaps an executive staff member, or even the company CEO, is the best person to handle the issue that has arisen. When employees witness the executive staff’s responsiveness to problems and concerns, and see that resolution often quickly follows, it becomes increasingly easy to support a truly trust-based corporate culture in and out of the cloud.


Entrepreneurs and Technology

Entrepreneurs and Technology

Entrepreneurs and Cloud-Based Culture

Fostering an active and engaged cloud-based culture takes on a new level of importance for start-ups and entrepreneurs actively engaged in growing a new company. Typically these types of dynamic, organic organizations face opportunities and situations where the ability to turn on a dime is key. For international work groups, the only way to achieve this kind of team-based fluidity is through cloud-based communication.

For example, perhaps an unusually high volume order is received by the Tokyo office. But this requires CEO approval to purchase a correspondingly large order of parts – and take employees away from regular daily tasks to pitch in to get the order ready on time. By staying continually tuned in to intra-company cloud communications, the whole team is able to come together to fill this large order even across continents.


Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating Milestones in the Cloud

One surefire way to knit an international workforce together via the cloud is to celebrate milestones together. Examples might include when the company lands its 100th new client or when a brand new office opens its doors for the first time. By asking employees to share thoughts, offer congratulations, even post photos of where they were when that milestone occurred, everyone in the company remains emotionally connected across thousands of miles.


Leaders in Cloud Technology

Leaders in Cloud Technology

Following the Leaders into the Cloud

If there is one hard and fast rule of developing a successful, engaged cloud culture it is this – the employees follow where the executive staff leads. In other words, you can’t create this kind of remote culture by telling your staff “do what I say, not what I do.” You have to show up in the cloud, each and every day, and join in, participate, respond, take part.

When word begins to circulate that your company’s senior executive staff are making time to communicate via the cloud, you can bet they will find time to join in as well! Here, it is clear that the ultimate success of your cloud-based culture is up to you.


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